Leakage MONITORING with fluorescent coolants

Silicone oil-based coolants are used in many sensitive production processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Particularly in these areas, strict precautions must be taken in advance with regard to contaminants of the manufactured products. Unfortunately, in most cases it is difficult to detect leaks in systems because the liquids used are clear and colorless.

As a solution to this problem, FRAGOL AG now offers various coolants for easy leak monitoring from the FRAGOLTHERM® range, which contain a fluorescent UV dye. The high luminance makes even the smallest leaks in the cooling system visible under UV light.

FRAGOLTHERM® F-12 F is ideally suited for heating/cooling processes that also require operating points in the low temperature range. Typical areas of application are: Pharmaceutical industry, climate chambers.

FRAGOLTHERM® F-12 F has a low viscosity in the low temperature range with at the same time a high thermal stability and can therefore be used in unpressurized systems in the temperature range between -85°C and 194°C. In unpressurized systems, FRAGOLTHERM® F-12 F can be used for heating/cooling processes that require operating points in the low temperature range. In pressurized systems, the maximum flow temperature can be increased to 230 °C. The temperature of the foil at the heating element must not exceed 245°C.

When operating in high temperature ranges, it is recommended that the expansion vessel be coated with nitrogen to prevent premature aging due to oxidation.

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