Removing dirt, coke and scale from your thermal system has become almost as easy as cleaning your car radiator.

With seriously contaminated thermal systems, often caused by the use of the wrong thermal fluid, heat transfer efficiency is no longer at the desired level and the safety of such an installation can be seriously compromised. In particular, instrumentation piping can become clogged with all its consequences.

For each thermal system that is contaminated, we make a plan of action to ultimately achieve a completely clean system where the heat transfer is once again optimal and remains optimal.

This plan of approach depends entirely on whether the installation can be taken out of production or not. In almost all cases it is impossible to shut down the installation for production.

When shutting down production, we can flush the plant with our flushing oil for a certain period of time.


Dissolves stuck particles, deposits and other contaminants.
Flushes in one, quick, easy treatment, which however can take several
days and depends on the severity of the fouling.
Prevents multiple necessary rinses. Can be used with HTF fluids.
System can be filled with new thermal oil immediately after flushing and put into operation.
If production cannot be stopped, a special plan of action consisting of several steps is made on the basis of a chemical analysis.

As a rule, controlled rinsing is then carried out during production with a thermal fluid that contains a very high dissolving capacity.

This approach should be well monitored to prevent the loosening dirt from causing multiple problems.

Our company has decades of experience in cleaning contaminated thermal plants.

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