Heat transfer fluids are used in many industrial heating and cooling applications, including oil and gas processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, plastics processing, food and beverage processing, renewable energy and technologies, and more. To ensure the maximum life of the heat transfer fluid system, annual fluid sampling, testing and analysis is recommended.

Rodun International BV has several options for providing HTF analysis for you. The laboratory we use tests according to DIN standards.

A “cold” oil sample can be taken or a “hot” oil sample can be taken.
A cold oil sample you can of course, because the oil is cold.
With a hot oil sample, safety is of course very important. If you have a safe environment, you are free to take a sample yourself.

You can also leave this to a specialist. This specialist will take a warm oil sample safely and under the right conditions.

Then this oil sample is sent to our laboratory. You will then receive an HTF Analysis with the necessary feedback from us.
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