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Fragoltherm® DPO

Fragoltherm® DPO

FRAGOLTHERM® DPO is a synthetic heat transfer fluid that can be used in a temperature range between 12 °C and 400 °C.

The film temperature at the heater must not exceed 430 °C.

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FRAGOLTHERM® DPO is an eutectic mixture of 73.5 % diphenyl oxide and 26.5 % diphenyl. This means that the product can be used both in the vapour and liquid phase due to its special composition and can be mixed with products of comparable composition. In the liquid phase the product can be used without pressure in the temperature range between 12 °C and 257 °C and with pressure superimposition up to 400 °C.

FRAGOLTHERM® DPO crystallises at temperatures below 12 °C, but without volume expansion, as it is the case with the phase transition from the liquid to the solid state of water.

On pipelines and system components which are not constantly flowed through or which may have temperatures <12 °C, trace heating should be provided.



Technical information

Maximum bulk temperature

Maximum film temperature

430°C (800°F)

Product Normal Boil Point

257°C (495°F)

Product composition

Biphenyl / diphenyloxide (DPO) eutectic mixture

Pressurised Systems/HTF


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