LEAKAGE MONITORING with fluorescent cooling fluids

Silicone oil-based cooling fluids are used in many sensitive production processes of the pharmaceutical and food industry.

These fields in particular require strict pre- cautions regarding contaminations of the manufactured products. Unfortunately in most cases, it is difficult to locate leakages of systems due to the clarity and colorlessness of used fluids.

As a solution to this issue, FRAGOL AG now offers several cooling fluids for simple leakage monitoring from the FRAGOLTHERM® range, containing a fluorescent UV dye. Due to the high luminance even the smallest leaks in the cooling system become visible under UV light.

FRAGOLTHERM® F-12 F is ideally suited for heating/cooling processes that also require operating points in the low temperature range. Typical application areas are: Pharmaceutical industry, climate chambers.

FRAGOLTHERM® F-12 F has a low viscosity in the low temperature range with at the same time a high thermal stability and can therefore be used in pressureless systems in the temperature range between -85 °C and 194 °C. In non-pressurized systems, FRAGOLTHERM® F-12 F can be used for heating/cooling processes that require operating points in the low-temperature range. In pressurized systems, the maximum flow temperature can be increased to 230 °C. The temperature of the film at the heating element should not exceed 245 °C.

When used in high temperature ranges, it is recommended that the expansion vessel be encased in nitrogen to prevent premature aging due to oxidation.

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